The Language of Influence

Are you ready to learn the secrets of the world’s most influential leaders?

Learn the Secrets to Connect to the Right People at the Right Time
~ Become a Master in the Language of Influence ~


Language of Influence can be defined as:
“having an effect on (self) or somebody that helps to determine a person's actions, behaviour, or way of thinking”.


The true essence of communication is the ability to connect with others; authentically and consciously. Harness the power to ‘speak their language’  using our simple techniques and proven strategies.

Business leaders recognise that communication is the key; the crucial ingredient for financial success – in selling products and services, building a strong workforce, being an effective leader, having confidence in social circles, or having a balanced home life.

Connecting successfully, in any environment or situation is a learnable skill set, this program shares powerful and accelerated solutions, that any person can immediately apply to get positive results – learn these techniques that are being used all over the world by some of the most powerful and influential entrepreneurs and leaders on the planet.

You Will Learn How To:

Ask for what you want...and get it!

Create stronger connections and close more deals

Become a Pro at pitching and selling

Stand out from the crowd and get noticed more often

Build unshakeable confidence

Build stronger relationships with the people you care about the most

Become a champion communicator and team builder

Relate to any person in any environment

“Absolutely fantastic – totally new perspectives on self and others....not only will this make me better in my role it will also provide mechanisms to improve business, internally and externally”
Emily. R Group Manager Marketing & Communications

Language of Leadership

Are you ready to unleash the leader within?

Learn the Language of Leadership, the Core Power of Influence, Initiative & Intuition
~ Available To All, Understood By Few ~

Go beyond the façade of Leadership and straight to the ‘hidden seat of power’. Beneath the surface formulas and definitions we look at the true core of leadership – the ability to see the ‘unseen’   to work with it, and build it into something tangible for others to see, touch and feel.

Powerful leaders demonstrate this in their ability to influence the masses, it is the principles they live by and the philosophies they teach.  If you are going to work hard anyway, work smarter by expanding your influence as a leader rather than a follower.

Some people are born leaders – most are self-made! There is no special club that you have to belong to, or no one person appointed to hand out titles to the select few. Your role as a leader is self appointed, it is not a position or a title – it is in your actions, decisions, integrity and intent; it is your personal decision to step up and stand out from the crowd – it is your birthright to claim.

At Language of Leadership you will develop the ability to ‘see the unseen’. You will be able to look at any situation and recognise what could happen; before it happens, and know how to change predicted outcomes – you will experience the true art of leadership.

You Will Learn How To:

Increase your influence as a Leader

Use the 3 ‘Principles of Power’ to build your income and create the life you want

Lead leaders – create your legacy

Inspire confidence and loyalty from colleagues and collaborators

Build unshakeable confidence

Gain more recognition in your area of expertise

Become a champion communicator and team builder

Build champion teams

Stand in your power with integrity

Create balance and harmony in all areas of your life

“It was an awakening/penny dropping course. There are plenty of ideas and practices that are applicable for improving all facets of day to day life”
Dave. C. Project Manager

Removing the Roadblocks

Are you ready to Break through your barriers and Smash your comfort zone?

Breakthrough the Barriers of If, But, Maybe, Could, Would, Should or Try!
Put Yourself Back Into The Game Of Life and Win!

Removing the Roadblocks is about recognising and acknowledging the self limiting barriers that block your path to success. Every day is made up of choices and decisions, and too often you miss out on achieving or doing what you really want, simply because you have listened to that ‘Voice-Of-Reason(VOR)’ that has the power to stop you in your tracks.

You know the one, (you’re probably hearing it now). That Voice-Of-Reason(VOR) that pipes up whenever you decide to try something new or break old habits that hold you back, dredging up real or most often imagined fears, arming you with ‘excuses’ that are always valid at the time. It is the Super Agent of self sabotage, supreme in it’s ability to manipulate you back to the ‘status-quo’, the Keeper of you Comfort Zone!

The great news is you can learn how to control your Voice-Of-Reason(VOR), overcome limiting self talk and start living the life you want to live – no guilt, no fear, no regrets!

The Removing the Roadblocks program will increase your confidence and self belief a thousand-fold. You will literally become a different person, able to make clear decisions and have absolute trust in yourself. This course is extremely valuable if you would like to improve your current circumstances and be supported to become the ‘Bigger’ You.

You Will Learn How To:

Recognise your personal Roadblocks

Use powerful techniques to stop self sabotage practices

Replace limiting beliefs

Create strong ‘anchors’ for support and strength

Become a stronger negotiator in business and sales

Never be ruled by fear or intimidation again

Build stronger relationships at work/home/play

Invite fun and adventure into your life

“I would recommend this course to everyone, everybody will get something from these workshops regardless of what position or role they fill in a company”.
Angela. T. Marketing Assistant

Mastering the Art of Change

Are you ready to exchange resistance for success?

Learn the Entrepreneurs Motto of Success
Embrace Change and Use It To Your Advantage!

Accepting and managing Change often presents a road block for many people on a daily basis, from the simplest tasks of getting ready for the day ahead to major, life changing actions and events. Change ‘is’ the one constant in your life, it has the power to propel your success or stop you in your tracks – the secret is knowing ‘why’ you are resisting change and ‘how’ you can overcome it.

You may prefer to plan for every event in detail, or maybe you have the ability to make decisions or adapt to situations on the ‘spin of a coin’. Regardless of how well you receive or perceive change, it is inevitable that at times; circumstances will be beyond your control, and you will resist the inevitable!

Mastering the Art of Change is about identifying and understanding the possible triggers that bring out your resistance, it is knowing how to implement the right strategies, at the right time, to work through and accept change (planned and unexpected). The more you are able accept change and work within the ‘flow’, the more you will be in a position to take better advantage of the opportunities that come your way. “Learn to ride the wave of change rather than wasting your energy resisting the current!”

This program is extremely valuable for anyone in sales, project management, human resources or any business where you are required to work directly with individual personnel or team groups or departments.

You Will Learn How To:

Identify the 6 primary triggers of change resistance

Use simple techniques to overcome and reduce resistance

Improve time management and personal performance

Avoid potential conflict situations

Increase business efficiency and productivity

Build morale and a stronger team environment

Seek opportunities for change so that you can benefit from them – with your finances, health, family and well being!

“I would recommend this for any level of an organisation to improve and understand the dynamics of the workplace”.
Kim. R. Director, Earthmoving Company

Raving Fan Workforce

Are you ready to increase the Income-Generating-Value of your workforce?

Learn How to Turn Traditionally Perceived Expenses
Into Income Generating Investments!

Are you missing out on thousands of dollars…or more in your business? Do You Have Untapped Resources In Front Of You Every Day that you are not fully capitalising on?

Raving Fans should be the desire of every organisation – the unpaid and totally devoted marketing and promotions team, that work 24 hrs a day, every day of the year, to promote the positives of your business!

Advertising, recruiting and training staff is a considerable outlay for any business. Are you maximising on the greatest potential of your investment?

Traditionally Raving Fans have been identified as Very satisfied and enthusiastic customers. Here we take this concept to the next level, and share steps and strategies to create Raving Fans within your workforce – simple yet effective techniques to turn existing employees into your best PR campaigners!

A couple of things to consider:


Do your employees regularly come into work with a bounce in their step, enthusiastic about their work?

Is morale high in your workforce, are they supported by the workplace culture?

In tough economic conditions, are you secure in the loyalty of your workforce in the face of attractive competitor offers?

Are your teams motivated to work to their full potential?


If you answered ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ to any of the above points; creating Raving Fans within your organisation should be a priority investment for the medium and long term success of your business ….and the secret BONUS that comes from this workshop?

Your employees are the Mirror of your Business; Raving Fan Employees – Attract and Breed Raving Fan Customers!

You Will Learn How To:

Build a dedicated and loyal workforce

Provide a workplace culture that supports growth and innovation

Leverage existing resources to increase your profit margins

Increase your marketing ‘reach’ using readily available assets

Become a magnet for the ‘cream of the crop’ personnel

Never be ruled by fear or intimidation again

Build excitement around your Organisation and Brand

Professional Development Is a Personal Choice!

It Is a Statement You Make By Taking Action To Grow Your Skills, Knowledge and Attributes.

Choosing To Develop Your Skills Further, You Are Choosing To Take Back Your Personal Power to Create MORE In Your Life!